Letter from Heaven.  Jesus' Sabbath letter. With "Latter-Day" paragraph. Starts: "Whosoever worketh on the Sabbath ..."  US, 1969.

Whosoever worketh on the Sabbath Day shall not prosper. I command you to worship and keep the Lord's Day holy. Without doing any manner of work. You shall not idly spend your time bedecking yourselves with costly apparel and dresses. For I have ordained it to be a day of rest. I will have it kept holy that your sins may be forgiven you. You shall not only go to the temple but also send your man servant and maid servant, and observe my words and commandments. You shall finish your labors every Saturday at 8 o'clock at which hour is the preparation of the Sabbath.
I command you to fast five Fridays every year, beginning with Good Friday, immediately following in remembrance of the five wounds which I received for all mankind.
You shall diligently and peaceably labor in all your respective callings it has pleased God to place you in. You shall love one another with brotherly love, and cause those that are baptized attend worship and receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper and to the members of the church in so doing. I will give long life and many blessings and your land shall flourish and your cattle shall bring forth in abundance. I will give unto you many comforts in the greatest temptations and he that does contrary shall be unprofitable.
I will also send hardness of heart upon them until I see them, but especially upon the unpenitent and unbelieving, he that giveth freely to the poor shall not be unprofitable...
But if he believe not in me and in my commandments, I will send many plagues upon him and consume him and his cattle, and in coming ages when my saints arise in the nations of the Earth, I will be with them when they go forth to baptize the nations in my name even as I submitted to be baptized by my servant John, and I will bless my people in their afflictions and I will strengthen them where persecuted by their enemies, uphold them when nigh unto falling and establish their feet when traveling in difficult places and uneven paths.
And in the Latter-Day when the New Jerusalem, my Holy City, shall be sanctified and consecrated on the earth, then the 10 tribes shall be gathered together to my Holy Temple and my glory shall be there and the reward shall be great and whosoever shall have a copy of these, my words, and put their trust in me and obey the ordinances which I have commanded, them will I deliver in time of storm and famine and pestilence. And if any woman be with child and in labor, and a copy of thus letter be about her, and she firmly put her trust in me, she shall be delivered all goodness and prosperity shall be in the house where a copy of this letter shall be found.

Published: The Daily-Herald (Provo, Utah), 21 Sept. 1969, p. 30. Title: "Would You Believe A Letter From Jesus?"  "Last week I received a phone call from Mrs. Mary D. Jolley of Provo, asking if I would be interested in seeing a letter that was purportedly written by Jesus Christ. Well it isn't everyday that such an offer comes my way so I told her yes, She explained that she didn't have the original but she did have a copy that was published in The Herald's letters to the editor column some time in the early '50's. I told her I was still interested so she sent me the copy."  


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