Letters from Heaven. Derived from Jesus' Sabbath Letter. Circulated in the mail.   US, 1926  #2

Whosoever shall work on the Sabbath shall be cursed. I command you to go to church and to keep holy the Lord's day. You shall not be idle and misspend your time in superfluities of clothing nor in vain dressing, for I have ordered it to be a day of rest and holiness. You cease work each Saturday by 6 o'clock in the afternoon and at that time begin preparations for the Sabbath. I advise you to fast five Fridays in each year, beginning with Good Friday, in remembrance of the five wounds I received for you and for mankind. You shall love one another and you shall urge those who have not been baptized to come into the church and receive the holy sacrament -- that is a baptism..

He that gives to the poor shall find his gifts profitable to him: he that keepeth the Sabbath day holly shall find blessings thereby.

[At his point follows the promise that all who come into possession of the letter and publish it shall profit and the threat that those who refuse to give it publicity shall suffer. The letter says that those who have published it and also keep a copy in their hands:]  

shall not be hurt by anything, either pestilence, nor lightening nor thunder.

[The final sentence reads:]

You shall hear no more from me except through the holy scriptures until the day of judgment.  All goodness and prosperity shall be in the house where a copy of this letter is found.

Published.  The Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah), 9 May, 1926. Title: "Chain Letters Appear Again." by Millard Ferguson.  Entered by DWV, Dec. 1, 2013.  See 1926#1 for another Himmelsbrief from the same article. Together they contain the entire text of the article.

The letter, from passing through many hands, seems to have been changed in some details. Following is a version of it received by one Atlantan this week."
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