Letter from Heaven.  Holstein type.  "...  as Christ stopped at the Mount Olive all guns shall stop."  US, 1910.

In the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, as Christ stopped at the Mount Olive all guns shall stop. Whoever carries this letter with him, he shall not be damaged through the enemy's guns or weapons; God will give him strength that he may not fear robbers and murderers, nor guns, pistols, swords and muskets shall not hurt him, through the command of the angel Michael, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. God with me.
Whoever carries this letter with him, he shall be protected against all danger, and he who does not believe in it may copy it, and tie it tight to the neck of dog, and shoot at him, and he will see that it is true.
Whoever has this letter, he shall not be taken prisoner, nor wounded by the enemy. Amen.  As true as it is that Jesus Christ died and ascended to Heaven, and suffered on earth, he shall not be shot, but shall stand unhurt and adjure all guns and weapons on earth, by the living God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I pray in the name of Christ's blood that no ball shall hit me, be it of gold or silver, but that God in heaven may deliver me of all sin. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

This letter fell from Heaven, and was found in Holstine's in 1724. It was written in golden letters, and moved over the baptism of Madaginery, and when they tried to seize it, it disappeared until 1791, that everybody may copy it and communicate it to the world. There was further written in it, "Whosoever works on Sunday, he shall be condemned. You shall not work on Sunday, but go to church, and give the poor of your wealth, for you shall not be like the unreasoning animals. I command you six days you shall listen to the word of God; if you do not do so, I shall punish you with hard times, epidemics and war. I command you that you shall not work too late on Saturday. Be you rich or poor you shall pray for your sins, that they may be forgiven. Do not swear by His name; do not fear the intrigues of men; sure, as fast as I create you, so fast I can crush you. Also, be not false with your tongue; respect father and mother; do not bear false testimony against your neighbor, and I will give you health and peace. But he who does not do so, or does not believe in this shall be left by me, and shall not have happiness or blessing. If you do not convert yourself, you certainly will be punished at the day of judgment for what you cannot account for your sins. Whoever has this letter in his house no lightning shall strike it. All women who carry this letter
with them shall bring forward living fruit. Keep my commandment which I sent to you through my angel, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Published: The Iola Register (Iola, Kansas), 22 Jan. 1910, p. 8. Title: Regards a Prayer as Amulet.  Subtitles: "Document Handed Down in Baxley Family Has History."  "Solder Carried it Through War Unhurt - Another Man Safely Railroaded 14 Years."
"In the possession of Mrs. J. W. Baxley, wife of the well known farmer of this county, is a paper of an unusual kind and with an interesting history. It was given her aunt, Mrs. Sarah C. Weikert, who came here for a visit some time ago from Pennsylvania. The original document was owned by Mrs. Dan Keifor, grandmother of Mrs. Baxley, who resided near Pittsburgh Pa. She had possessed it for a long time and the present members of the family do not now where she secured the first copy. The paper is a sort of prayer which is believed to be a protection against violent death. That was its earliest known value and the Baxley kin folks have at least two instances where they believe that it was efficacious.
John Weikert, a so-in-law of Grandmother Keifor, was given a copy of the document when he enlisted in the Federal army, and he carried it through four or five years of the war and escaped without a scratch. His son who has been a railroad man for fourteen years, has carried a copy and has never been injured in his hazardous work.
While the evidence of these two cases is, of course, too limited to be conclusive proof of the efficacy of the protection afforded to the person who carries a copy of the document, yet the matter is interesting. The Register has been loaned the copy possessed by the Baxleys and it prints it here, with their permission so that all of its readers may receive such benefit as the paper possesses."    Entered by DWV, 2013.


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