Letter from Heaven (published). Count Philip type. Since before 1775. This from US, 1895?

The following curious and remarkable letter, which saved the life of a person condemned to death, as no instrument of murder was able to kill him, has already, in many cases in our own land, shown itself, particularly during our Revolutionary War, of great effect, to such who had it in their possession, during their greatest danger, and while to their right and left victims of death fell dead. But let each one read the letter itself and learn of what wonderful service and efficacy it is and how desirable it must be to obtain a copy. The Letter [After the Original.] Count Philip of Flanders had a servant who had committed a crime for which he was condemned to die, but no sword would execute him, no sword would punish and execute him right, upon which the Count was greatly astonished and said: "How shall I understand this thing? tell me how it is, and I will grant you your life, and will also do you good." The servant showed him the letter, and the Count was pleased with it and had it transcribed and given to his servants.

Must you appear before the magistrate, court or judge, then take this letter with you, and whatever you may ask of the officer it will not be denied you; or have you an enemy who designs to quarrel with you, take this letter with you and keep it on the right side of your body, and he will not be able to overcome you. During the pains of child birth and if it cannot be born, hang the letter around the neck of the woman and the child will be born with but little difficulty. For bleeding of the nose, give the letter into the right hand of the person bleeding, and it will help immediately. Read or say: Lord Jesus Christ, thou who art the true man and son of God, protect thou me from the assaults of all kinds of weapons, spear, sword, sabre, cutlass, knife, tomahawk, rapier, helmet, burdon or any other weapon that pierces or cuts the skin, or from any and everything prohibited by holy writ, that is from all kinds of weapons, artillery, cannon, musket, rifle, gun or pistol. Lead keep thy rights and prove thyself, as did Mary in her virginity before and after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his holy raisen-colored blood which he spilt on the holy cross. Lord Jesus Christ, protect thou me.

Against whoredom and breaking in, against murder and manslaughter, against burning and any calamity by fire, against thieves, against ropes, fetters and chains to bind, Lord Jesus Christ protect thou me and desert me not, and do not thou permit me to be damned, but be thou with me to the end and permit me not to die without receiving thy holy sacraments -- to this help thou me God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. The Holy Trinity be with me, on the land and on the water, in the wood, in fields, towns, cities, villages, groves and thickets. Lord Jesus Christ protect thou me against all enemies, seen and unseen, secret or open; keep me safe from all harm through the bitter sufferings and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his holy raisin- colored blood, which he shed at the foot of the cross. Jesus Christ was conceived at Nazareth, born at Bethlehem, and crucified, murdered and died at Jerusalem. These are words of truth written in this letter, that I may not be caught and bound by men or murderers. They must flee from me all arms and guns, and not take hold on me and loose all their power over me. Rifle hold thy load. The cross of Christ and his holy five wounds not bound with power must conquer all arms, like as the man who laid his hands on the Lord Jesus Christ to bind him, even so hold they charge, like as the Son was obedient in the Father till death. Rifle or deadly weapon hold thy charge by and through the almighty hand, and so must all deadly weapons be brought too nought, in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Jesus crossed the red sea, he went into the holy land, thus must be broken all ropes and bands. Band break all power of canes and reeds, arms and weapons must cease their dazzling. Lord Jesus Christ protect thou me, that no rope may cause me to fall, no bow or gun may cause its fire to be cast at me, that no weapon may pierce or cut, be it of iron or steel, be it of metal or lead, that I may be blessed so much like as the cup and the wine, and the true bread of heaven which was given by the Lord Jesus Christ to his twelve disciples, in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost; the blessing which God gave the first man he created, come and overshadow me. The blessing that God gave to Noah overshadow and protect me. The blessing that God gave to Mary and Joseph as they removed from their own country, go with and overshadow and protect me. The reed first in my right hand go through the enemy's land and hand, that no tree may fall upon me, that no water may deluge me, that no snake, adder or poisonous creature may bite, nor that the wolf may be able to tear me, protect thou me. My blood may if flow forever, Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews. Amen.
                                                                        N                    D
                                                                         I                               Amen

From: Fogel, Edwin M. 1908. "The Himmelsbrief." German American Annals, vol. 10, pp. 304- 306. Count Philip (of Flanders) Himmelsbrief. "The range of this letter is wider than that of any one of the preceding and might possibly be considered as an English elaboration of the German rubric." Oda mentions use in Revolutionary war and WWII.


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