Letter from Heaven. Jesus' sabbath letter plus four others on one page. England, 1795. Link to image page below.

A Copy of a Letter written by our Blessed Lord and Saviour

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   And found eighteen miles from Iconium, fifty three years after our Blessed Saviour's Crucifixion.

  Transmitted from the Holy City by a converted Jew.

  Faithfully translated from the original Hebrew copy, now in the possession of Lady Cuba's family at Mesopotamia.

 This letter was written by JESUS CHRIST, and found under a great stone round and large at the foot of the cross. Upon the stone was engraved, "Blessed is he that shall turn me over." All people that saw it, prayed to God earnestly, desired that he would make this writing known unto them, and that they might not attempt in vain to turn it over.  In the mean time there came out a little child, about six or seven years of age, and  turned it over without assistance, to the admiration of every person who was standing by.  It was carried to the city of Iconium, and there published by a person belonging to the Lady Cuba.

   On the Letter was written, the commandments of Jesus Christ.

  Signed by the Angel Gabriel, seventy-four years after Our Saviour's birth.

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King Agbarus's Letter to Our Saviour, and Our Saviour's Answer; also his Cures and Miracles.
Likewise, Lentulus's Epistle to the Senate of Rome, containing a Description of the Person of Jesus Christ.

[Remaining text in two columns, with narrow decorative scroll in between.]

                            A LETTER OF JESUS CHRIST.

WHOSOEVER worketh on the Sabbath-day shall be cursed, I command you to go to church, and keep the Lord's Day Holy, without doing any manner of work. You shall not idly spend your time for bedecking yourself with superfluities of costly apparel, and vain dresses for I have ordained a day of rest.  I will have that day kept holy that your sins be forgiven you.  You shall not break my commandments, but observe and keep them, write them in your heart, and steadfastly observe that it was written with my own hand and spoken with my own mouth.  You shall not only go to church yourself, but also send your men-servants and your maid-servants, and observe my words and learn my commandments; you shall finish your labour every Saturday in the afternoon by six o'clock, at which hour is the preparation of the Sabbath.  I advise you to fast five Fridays every year, beginning with Good Friday and continuing the four Fridays immediately following, in remembrance of the five bloody wounds which I received for all mankind.  You shall diligently and peaceably labour in your respective callings, where in it hath pleased God to call you.  You shall love one another with brotherly love; and cause them that are baptised to come to church and receive the Sacrament, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, and to be made members of the Church, in so doing I will give you a long life and many blessing; and your land will flourish and your cattle bring forth in abundance; and I will give unto you many blessing and comforts in the greatest temptations, and he that doth to the contrary shall be unprofitable. I will also send hardness of heart upon them till I see them, but especialy upon the impertinent and unbelievers. He that hath giving to the poor shall not be unprofitable, remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, for the seventh day I have taken to rest myself.  And he that hath a copy of this my own letter, written with my own hand, and spoken with my own mouth, and keepeth it without publishing it to others shall not prosper; but he that publisheth it to others, shall be blessed of me, and though his sins be in number as the stars of the sky, and he believe in this he shall be pardoned; and if he believe not in this writing, and this commandment, I will send my own plagues upon him, and consume both him and his children, and his cattle. And whosoever shall have a copy of this letter, written with my own hand, and keep it in their houses nothing shall hurt them, neither lightning, pestilence, nor thunder, shall do them any hurt, and if a woman be with child, and in labour, and a copy of this letter be about her, and she firmly put her trust in me, she shall safely be delivered of her birth.


He cleansed a leper by touching  him; he healed the Centurion's servant, afflicted with the palsy; Peter's mother-in-law of a fever; several possessed of devils; a most violent tempest stilled by him; a man sick of the palsy cured; raised a man from the dead; two blind men, a dumb man, who was possessed of a devil; fed about 5000 with five loaves and two fishes; walked on the sea; all the diseases of Genesaret cured by the touch of his garment; cured a woman of a devil; and multitudes of lame, blind, dumb, maimed, & he fed 4000 with seven loaves and a few little fishes.


I have heard of thee and the cures wrought by thee without herbs or medicines; for it is reported thou restorest sight unto the blind, maketh the lame to walk, cleanseth the leper, raiseth the dead, and healeth those that are tormented with diseases of long continuance - having heard all this of thee, I was fully persuaded to believe one of those two things, either that thou art very God, and camest down from heaven to do such miracles, or else thou art the Son of God and performest them; wherefore I have now sent these lines intreating thee to come hither and cure my diseases.  Besides having heard that the Jews murmur against thee, and contrive to do thee mischief, I invite thee to my city, which is little indeed, but exceeding beautiful, and sufficient for us both.


Blessed art thou Agbarus for believing in me whom thou hast seen not, for it is written that they who have seen me should not believe, and they who have not seen me should believe and be saved; but as to the matter thou hast wrote about, these are to acquaint thee, that all the things for which I am sent must be fulfilled, and that I shall be taken up and returned to him that sent me, but after my ascension I will send one of my disciples who shall cure thy distemper, and give life to thee and all them that are with thee.


There appeared in these our days a man of great virtue, called Jesus Christ; who by the people is called a prophet; but his disciples call him the Son of God.  He raiseth the dead, and cures all manner of diseases, a man of stature, somewhat tall and comely, with a reverend countenance, such as the beholders both fear and love.  His hair is the colour of a chesnut all ripe, and is plain almost down to his ears, but from thence downwards is somewhat curled, but more of the oriental colour, waving about his shoulders ; in the middle of his head is a seam of parting like the Nazarites.  His forehead very plain and smooth.  His face without either wrinkle or spot, beautiful with a comely red, his nose and mouth so formed that nothing can be reprehended; his beard thick the colour of his hair on his head, his eyes grey, clear and quick. In reproving he is severe; in counselling he is courteous; he is of a fair spoken, pleasant and grave speech; never seen by any one to laugh, but often seen by many to weep; in proportion to his body he is well shaped and straight; and both hands and arms are very delectable. In speaking he is very temperate, modest and wise.  A man for his singular beauty, far exceeding all the sons of men.

Printed by J. Evans, 42, West-smithfield, London.

Broadside, printed by J. Evans, 42, West-smithfield, London. This printer was active from 1789 to 1800, according to several on-line sources (http://microformguides.gale.com/Data/Introductions/30330FM.htm). Size: 12" by 8 1/8". In top center is an oval illustration of Jesus (size 3.5" by 3") with halo and holding a globe in his left hand. In a band around the oval: FAIRER THEN THE CHILDREN OF MEN PSALXIV. Contains (1) Jesus' Sabbath letter, (2) Christ's Cures and Miracles, (3) King Agbarus's Letter to Christ, (4) Our Saviour's Answer, (5) Lentulus's Epistle to the Senate of Rome. Sic "especialy", "intreating", "chesnut", "grey", "counselling". Provided by Bruce L. Johnson. Ebay lot 6551512232 closing 8/12/05. Entered by DWV. Physical item no longer available in archive.


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