"Charity" chain letter. Sen. Robert Taft reelection. Send $1 and 10 copies. US, 1950.

During World War II, many cities and villages developed a Disaster Panel designed to cope with any emergency. One man was to telephone 10 people, who, in turn, called 10 others, and so on until every resident was alerted . . .

There is a definite emergency confronting our country today, and, to cope with it there is immediate need for a Disaster Panel. It isn't necessary to telephone - a letter will do - but it is vitally important that everyone do his part. The failure of one person will break the chain.

Read the following statement of facts, and act. Send a dollar bill with a letter to Cincinnati, and make 10 copies of this letter. Mail them to 10 people you believe will serve on our Disaster Panel.

The reelection of Senator Robert A. Taft, of Ohio, is a matter of national import; its significance and importance extends beyond the borders of Ohio.

Taft has become a symbol of courageous statesmanship and he has never hesitated to make a forthright stand on legislative questions, many of which were politically unpopular, if he thought they were right.

Taft has been singled out by the AFL, CIO, RAILROAD BROTHERHOODS and left-wingers generally for slaughter. Many millions of dollars are being accumulated to destroy him politically. If these forces are successful, it will have a most serious effect on the other members of Congress who are inclined to vote courageously. In short, his defeat under the circumstances would be a catastrophe. 

If several million Americans from every state in the Union will drop him a little note and attach a one dollar bill - not 10, 50, or 100, but just one dollar, and tell him they appreciate his service, that will help meet the vicious attack being made upon him.

If you value your own and your family's stake in the present struggle against surrender to Socialism, if not eventual Communism, you will, I feel sure, be glad to do your bit by sending at least one dollar to Ben E. Tate, treasurer, Taft Campaign Fund, 3204 Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This would be at least as much as the average union man is being assessed to try to defeat Mr. Taft. The tide must be turned now. It may well be our last chance. ACT NOW! 

Published: Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California), Feb. 7, 1950, p. 8.
CHAIN REACTION  (Reprinted from El Centro Press-Post)
Maybe you, like this newspaper, do not go in for chain letters, but this week one arrived in our office which brought a different kind of a challenge to thought.
What chance has the unorganized public against organized minorities which maneuver skillfully to gain political control for the sake of their own supposed economic gain? This chain letter is somebody's attempt to find an answer. Its text follows:" [text]
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