Charity Chain Letter. Relief in Germany. Send dime, four copies. No. 95/100.  US, 1920.

This chain is for the purpose
of raising money, For relief
of the suffering in Germany
incident to the war. The
proceeds are to be turned over
to the American Red Cross, To
be forwarded to Germany.
Please make four Copies of
this note, and send them to
your friends numbering each
in turn the number higher
then the one in the note all
four to the same number at
the same time. Please send
this note and ten cents to
Mrs Christian Kahnback
1057 State St. Springfeild Mass.

This chain will end with
number 100  Those receiving that
number should not make Copies
but only send ten cents. Please
do not break this chain as over
Fifty Thousand Dollars would
be lost to a good cause started
             Madam Melsteeff
                433 Chestnut St.

    Elmer Reddersdorf
       N. Crystal - Lake Ill.
           R. F. D. No. 2.

Hand written letter on two pages of lined  8" x 5" paper. No envelope. Sic. "Springfeild". Original digitization lost, so no documentation of how the letter was dated.  Entered by DWV, 12/1/2012.


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