Charity chain letter. War thrift savings. Send 25¢ cent saving stamp forward. Five copies. US, 1918.

                                                                                         April 29, 1918
O. H. Larson, Dexter, Minn.
James C. Ness, Canton, Minn.
Engh Langley, Preston, Minn.
Harry M. Smith, Canton, Minn.
Wm. Sturgeon, Canton, Minn.

Dear Sir:-
      Chain letters received from Mr. F. A. Masters, Canton, Minn. Chain letters are among the things we read by compulsion and criticize by habit. That is not because the chain letter is bad but because it has been abused. Used rightly the chain letter can be made a mighty link of loyalty. Enclosed is a Government Thrift Card with the first stamp in place. Buy stamps to fill it out yourself, firm and right in your conviction that the chain letter will grow to be of powerful use to Uncle Sam.  Then from your Postmaster buy 25¢ thrift stamps and ask for free Thrift Cards put one stamp on each card and fill out the blanks with five names of your friends. Write each of them a letter like this one, on your own stationary.

Send your list of names to the War Savings Committee, #51 Chamber St., New York City. Lets get action on this - It is one way of getting over the top.

                            Yours to Serve and Love
                                                                Harry J. Ward

Contained in original envelope postmarked in Harmony, Minn. on April 30, 1918. Addressed to Mr. James C. Ness, Canton, Minn., R.F.D. Also enclosed: United States Government Thrift Card made out for James C. Ness with one 25 cent thrift stamp affixed. Letter head has printed: Harry J. Ward, General Merchandise, Henrytown, Fillmore County, Route 1, Harmony, Minn. Text handwritten in black ink. Paragraphs preserved. Ebay lot 752345907. Provided by J. W. McDaniel. Entered by D. VanArsdale on 1/10/03.


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