Charity chain letter (published). Self-terminating. For Billy Westbury. Send 10 cents & 5 copies. US, 1916.

No. 34

DEAR SIR -- I have been asked by a friend of mine to help this party along. I am doing the necessary with one dime and trust that you will be able to do the same, and pass the letter along until it has reached No. 50.

This chain is started for the purpose of raising a fund to assist an old railroad man, Mr. W. D. Westbury, who is down and out on account of a long siege of illness. He can never get well, and having only one arm, a widowed mother, and no means of support, we will assist him in this way, and if all will respond (under the circumstances they surely will) a sufficient fund will be raised to make "Billy" comfortable while he is with us.

Please make five copies of this letter, as I have done, only changing the date and put the next highest number and date of each letter the same, sign your name and mail the five copies to your friends, whom you feel will do likewise. This chain will end with No. 50. The party receiving No. 50 will please return the letter with ten cents and make no copies at the end of the chain.

Please do not break the chain, and I earnestly appeal to you to give it prompt attention and assist a worthy railroad boy, who has devoted his life to the cause.

Mail this letter with ten cents to Mr. W. Y. Proctor, general agent, C., M. & St. P., 309 Marquette Building, Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Proctor will see that the funds are promptly delivered.

From "Chain Charity," The Independent, May 8, 1916, p. 199. The editor reports receiving the above letter "not long ago." Actual example of the chain subsequently purchased (3/2005), see ce1915-12-20_billy_sdq5.


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