Charity chain letter. Tobacco for boys at front. Send 25c &  5 copies. US, 1916.

                              January 12th, 1916.

Mr. Bernard O'Connell,
             La Crosse, Wis.

Dear Sir:

             This is one of a chain of letters started by
Mr. M. S. Benson, Bank of Montreal  Montreal, for the
purpose of raising money to buy tobacco for the boys at
the front.

             Will you please send him 25c in silver, and
make five copies of this letter, sending them to your
             It is necessary that you write people that you
think will keep the chain going, for should one drop out,
the chain would soon be broken.

             Should you receive two letters of this chain,
please return the last one to the sender, asking him or her
to mail to some friend, as you have already "done your bit."

                         Yours very truly,


Typed letter on printed stationery of E. E. Chard, 937 Marshall Ave. St. Paul, Minn. Envelope postmarked in St. Paul on Jan. 12, 1916. Addressed to Mr. Bernard O'Connell, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Keystrokes preserved above. Some respacing. Original digitization absent or lost, hence no information on when I obtained this. Entered by DWV on 11/30/2012.


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