Charity Chain Letter.  Red Cross.  Scam?  Quota five.  Send $.10.  Self-terminates at 12.  This no. 8.  US, 1915.
Number 8.                  Dec. 22, 1914.

This chain letter is for the purpose of raising money for the relief work in the European war zone. The proceeds are to be turned over to the International Red Cross society.

Kindly make five copies of this note and send to five friends, numbering each of the notes with the number next higher to the number of this note. (All five notes to bear the same number.) And at the same time inclose $.10 to - Mrs. Wm. F. Floyd, Box 31, Williamstown, Mass.
The chain will end at number 12. Those receiving that note should not send out copies, merely the $.10 as directed.
Please do not break the chain, as hundreds of dollars would thereby be lost.

Published: The Day Book (Chicago, Illinois), Jan. 6, 1915, p. 7.
"A copy of endless chain letters that are being sent broadcast over the United States today was turned over to Postoffice Inspector W J. Maries for investigation. ¶ The letter purports to have been sent out in the interest of the Red Cross society for the relief of suffering in belligerent European nations.
¶ Investigation at the headquarters of the Red Cross organization in Washington, however, revealed that the plan had not been authorized by the organization and that the officers of the society had no knowledge that an appeal of that kind was being disseminated through the country. ... The letter follows:"  [text]   Entered by DWV, Sept. 9, 2014.


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