Charity chain letter. Send used stamps. New South Wales Children's ward. Copy quota 3. U.S. 1910.

No. 375

My dear Mildred,-
               An effort is
being made to establish
a ward for children at
St. George's New South
Wales, Australia.
                At present the
children are taken only
when there is a vacancy.
It has been agreed that
if 8000 used stamps are
sent to Miss Mills,
"The Carrington,"
     37th & Chestnut Sts,
within a certain time
appointed by the government,
it will be sufficient to
build the ward.
   The chain has been
going on for some time.
Will you please make
three copies of this letter
and mail them to three
   Number them all
one higher than this letter. Write
the names of your friends to
Miss Mills, also send her
the used stamps. If any
one is not willing to do this,
please let Miss Mills know,
then the chain will be
   The one receiving no. 480
please write Miss Mills
as that ends the chain.
Hoping that the chain
will not be broken by you,
             Helen G. Douglas

Handwritten on 7.5 by 4.8 inch stationery. Contained in a "memorabilia" scrapbook assembled by Mildred F. Center at the Plymouth (NH) Normal School, Sept. 27,1910 to June 21, 1912 ("home again"). No envelope or date; annotated "a chain letter" by Mildred. Dates before and after the letter are Oct. 29, 1910 and Nov. 3, 1910 - we give it the date Oct. 31, 1912. The letter begins "Dear Mildred," and is signed by Helen G. Douglas - a friend of Mildred at the Proctor Academy. The other items in the scrapbook are also from her time at school, contemporary with recorded dates. Purchased by DWV, ebay lot. no. 2116274991 closing 7/10/02.  See earlier version of same letter: 1900


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