Charity chain letter. Send 10 used stamps. Australian children's ward.  Copy quota 3.   New South Wales / US, 1900.
An effort is being made to furnish a small hospital at St. George, near Sidney, New South Wales. At present children can be taken into the hospital only when there is vacancy in the man's or woman's ward. A philanthropic friend has agreed that if a million used stamps were sent him by a fixed date it could be sufficient to build this ward.
Please write three copies of this letter and send them to your friends. Return this letter with ten used stamps to Miss Griffin, Kelvin Mills, New South Wales.

Published: Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois), Feb. 5, 1905.
Federal Court Clerk Gets Strange 'Chain Letter' from New South Wales.
"How can a hospital be furnished if persons in the United States send 1,000,000 canceled United Sates stamps to Miss Griffin in Australia? ... The letter states:"  [text]  "The letter is unsigned, but the postmark on the envelope shows that it came from Australia."   This newspaper transcription did not have a number on it - either because it was not there (there are no instructions concerning it in the transcript) or because it was omitted, as well as instructions concerning it.
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