Charity Chain Letter.  Memorial for fallen in Cuba, martyrs of the Maine. Send 10c. Four copies.  US, 1899.

An endless chain has been formed by the National Committee

which has charge of the erection of the memorial to the men who were

killed in the Cuban battles and the martyrs of the "Maine".

         If, in receiving this communication ,you will make four copie s

and send to four of your friends ,you will greatly oblige and advance

a most commendable object.      When you have made four copies please

return this letter with ten cents to Geo.J.Gould ,Treasurer of the

National Committee,Room 30,#154 Nessua St., New York City .

          Please number each copy the next higher number to this,and

sig n your address to each.     Please do not delay and carefully comp-
ly with the above,so as not to break the chain.which,it is hoped ,will

result in honor the memory  of the men who sacrificed their lives for

ths sake of liberty and humanity.           The first link in this chan

was started by Lieut.Richard Pearson Hobson,"Hero" of the Merrimac.

                                          Your Truly,

                                                Lysle E.Adams
                                                #5 Wabash Ave.
                                                Chicago Ill

                                         % Robt E Young Co.

Copied from an eBay lot that closed on 7/16/2019. Keystrokes preserved. Last line ("Robt E Young Co.) was hand written. Envelope postmarked in Chicago, Mar 15, 1899. Addressed to Mr.Charles Slater, Escanaba, Mich. Sic on misplaced commas and periods. Hand correction added "ing" to "honor" in last -3 line, and "i" to "chan" in next line. Entered by DWV, 7/16/2019.


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