Charity chain letter. Louisville Kentucky orphans home. Send dime, three copies. No. 28. US, 1896. 

#28                    Louisville, Ky  April 28, 1896
Efforts are being made to raise funds to sustain the Christian Widows and Orphans Home at Louisville, Ky. This institution has been in existence for a number of years and has been right nobly sustained by the Christian people of Ky, but at present it is rather short of funds. It is not the will of our Heavenly Father that those little ones born in poverty and sin should perish. They are calling for help, will you not heed the call? And by this help we may go on doing good. Pleas make three copies of this letter as I have done and change the number a the top to the next higher (29). Number all three the same, sign your name and also the name and address of those to whom you send them, and they in turn are asked to do the same. Please return this letter with ten cents to L. B. Graham, 809 Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. Although this may seem a small thing to you, yet the breaking of the chain involves a serious loss to the cause. And not wishing to do this, will you please return this letter to Bro Graham that he may know the chain is not broken. The one who gets (58) will return to Bro Graham as that completes the chain.
               Anna Barry

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Mr. Orman,  Danville Ky
Mrs  Carrie Kenny,
                Junction City, Ky
Mrs Cora Cartwright,
                Junction City, Ky

Photocopy of handwritten letter (bizarre upper case letters). Envelope (not in archive & no image) was postmarked in Junction City, KY in 1896. Longer lines above. Sic "Pleas". Photocopy provided by Anita C. Lane. Compare to ce1896u_orphans-ky_sdq3. Entered by DWV on 2/6/2006.


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