Chain petition. For nuclear disarmament. o Prof. Ito. Quota ten copies. International, 1985.

Center for Psychosocial Studies
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December 11, 1985

Prof. Greg Urban

Dear Joel

I have received a letter being part of a chain having started in Nagoya University, Japan. I am continuing this chain as an expression for a world-wide movement for nuclear disarmament.

Please join in this anti-nuclear reaction. Write ten scholars you know and send a copy to Professor Ito, Laboratory of Applied Entomology, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusaku, Nagoya, 464 Japan.

Yours sincerely,
Greg Urban
Greg Urban

Enclosures: copies of four previous letters in this chain.

Prof. Mary LeCron Foster, UC Berkeley
Prof. Frederick C. Gamst, University of Massachusetts
Prof. Les Kurz, University of Texas at Austin
Prof. David Malament, University of Chicago
Prof. Sylvia M. Caluby Novaes, University of Sâo Paula - Brazil
Prof. Robert Rubinstein, Northwestern University
Prof. Joel Sherzer, University of Texas at Austin
Prof. Michael Silverstein, University of chicago
Prof. Carlotta Smith, University of Texas at Austin
Prof. Peter Worsley, University of Manchester - England

Earliest (bottom) letter in a bundle of ten subsequent copies, each with a statement on enclosures and a mailing list of ten. Some duplication. Collected by Paul Smith. Above dated Dec. 11, 1985. Subsequent copies, from bottom to top,  dated: Dec. 23, 1985; Jan. 27, 1986; Feb. 14, 1986; April 2, 1986; Dec. 23, 1985; Jan. 27, 1986; Feb. 14, 1986: April 2, 1986; May 1, 1986.


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