Advocacy chain letter. Nuclear disarmament. To ten others, listed. Copy to Prof. Ito.  International, 1985.


University of Athens
Christos G. Doumas
Professor of Archaeology

Prof. T. W. Jacobsen
Dpt of Classics
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana - U.S.A.

Dear Tom,

     I have received a letter which is part of a chain started by Prof. Ito at Nagoya University, Japan. I am continuing this chain as an expression of support of a world wide movement for nuclear disarmament.
     Please join me in this endeavor. Write to ten scholars you know personally and send a copy to Professor Ito, Laboratory of Applied Entomology and Hematology, Nagoya University, Fuo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Japan.


Encl.: copies of threeprevious letters in the chain
c.c.Prof. Peter Warren, Bristol, England
Dr. Tony Constantinides, London, England
Dr. Henry Cleere, London , England
Rev. R.E.Doyle, Bronx, USA
Prof. J.E.Coleman, Ithaca, USA
Prof. T.W. Jacobsen, Bloomington,Indiana, USA
Prof. Bruno d' Agostino, Napoli, Italia
Prof. Jean Bonin, Strasbourg, France
Dr. Hermann Köhler, München, Germany
Dr. Jill Carrington Smith, Athens, Greece

Typed letter on Univ. of Athens letterhead. Earliest of two with same text, this dated 14 Nov. 1985 and attached behind one dated Jan. 29, 1986. Collected by William Hansen, Bloomington, IN.  Sic "threeprevious".


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