Chain petition (published). For Czech elections, in English. Czechoslovakia, 1949.


The Communist party has its convention at the end of May, 1949. Let us show our Communist masters and the whole world that the people of our republic have not approved their dictatorship and that we want to have new, extraordinary, free and secret elections under the patronage of free countries.

Therefore, let everyone send by May 25 this year an ordinary stamped letter to the United States Embassy, Prague, stating: "I do not agree with the dictatorship of the Communist party in the Czechoslovak Republic, and I demand immediate, secret and free elections under the patronage of the United Nations.

New York Times.  "Chain Letters Ask Elections." April 28, 1949, p. 10, col. 6. Several hundred letters received in one week by U.S. embassy in Prague as requested by letter above.


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