Advocacy chain letter (published).  Draft Coolidge petition. US, 1927.

We, the undersigned, believe it to be for the best interests of the United States of America to have Calvin Coolidge the next President. This is an attempt to show that a great number of American citizens have faith in Calvin Coolidge. Will you sign the above? Each signer is asked to try to secure ten more signatures. See that your signers have a copy of the form. As this movement grows it should be spread in new towns, cities and States.
Please return promptly to Room 422, 201 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass.

From "1,200 'Chain Letters' Out," The New York Times, Nov. 23, 1927 (p. 24, col. 1). Boston Banker Philip M. Tucker started a chain petition to draft President Calvin Coolidge for the Republican nominee for President in 1928. Coolidge had already announced that he would not run. The plan was dropped on Nov. 24 after Coolidge disapproved.


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