Advocacy chain letter.  Safety. Cross Crossings Cautiously. "Won't you do the same and pass this on to nine of your friends?"  US, 1926.
Cross crossings cautiously. Don't break the chain. It might have been you, your father, your brother, your wife, your daughter, your friend instead of a stranger who was killed in the unavoidable accident.

Avoidable accidents take a toll yearly in this country of ours that exceeds or equals the casualties of any war in which we have been engaged.
I have resolved that from now on I will practice 'Safety First,' preach 'Safety First,' and do everything in my power to save a life or prevent an injury to fellowmen.

Won't you do the same and pass this on to nine of your friends?

Published: Alton Evening Telegraph (Alton, Illinois), Jan. 8, 1926, p. 1.
"The latest thing in the automobile safety drive is the chain letter. Chain letters have been employed for almost every purpose, but are generally associated with superfluous charity schemes or gold brick swindles such as the Spanish Inheritance proposition and so on, but this time they have got down to real good service. ... The letter follows:"  [text]     Sic "unavoidable" probably for "avoidable".
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