Advocacy chain letter. Against German propaganda.  "Every loyal citizen should assist in stopping these malignant lies..."  US, 1918.
The false rumors and malicious stories constantly being circulated as facts, discrediting our high officials, the Red Cross, the care and conduct of our troops, the condition of the cantonments, etc. is German propaganda intended to create distrust and discontent among our people and to discourage those working for the country.
  These stories are accepted as news and unfortunately are being given the widest circulation by patriotic Americans who do not realize that they are aiding our enemies.
   The Espionage Act provides punishment for those who convey any false reports or statements concerning our Government. Those who are fighting for us deserve the fullest measure of our loyalty and support both in word and deed.
  We have resolved to close our ears to all such stories and so discourage their circulation. Will you do the same?
  Every loyal citizen should assist in stopping these malignant lies, so enlist your friends by mailing today three or more exact copies of this letter. Do not break the chain.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), June 13, 1918, p. 3. "STOP GERMAN LIES," SAY CHAIN LETTERS.
New Plan Formed to Shut Off Malicious Stories About Our Troops.  Also Regarding Red Cross. Firm in Rochester Sends Out Chain of Missives to Stifle Propaganda. "Copies of a chain letter that have just reached Brooklyn show that a new plan has been devised and is already fairly under way that should deal a straight-from-the-shoulder blow at German propaganda which is responsible for the circulation of malicious stories regarding our American Red Cross, our high officials and our troops.
  The letter is designed to unite all loyal Americans in stopping these stories, many of which are accepted as authentic by those to whom they come. It asks that every recipient shall immediately mail three or more copies of the letter to friends, in this way making a tremendous unbroken chain of patriots who will stamp out the German propaganda.
  It is not known where the plan originated. The letters reaching Brooklyn have come from the advertising firm of Lyddon & Hanford, in
Rochester. The Manhattan office of this firm said today that letters had been sent out from Rochester about two weeks ago, and it is believed that the chain has already reached hundreds of thousands of people. This is the letter:"  [text]   Entered by DWV, Aug. 7, 2014.


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A nearly identical letter was published in the Nov. 9, 1918 edition of The Charlotte Observer (p. 11). A full text is given. This was received by Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. The only difference is that this urges "six or more exact copies" be made, rather than the three as above.