Advocacy chain letter.  Negro protest of proposed Oklahoma Constitution. One copy to President Roosevelt.  US. 1907.
I wish as a Republican to file my personal protest against the so-called constitution recently written in Guthrie for the people of the Twin Territories to vote upon. First, it is an un-American document and should not find its way into the archives of a free government: second, it is suicidal and beastly oppressive in the apportionments made; third, its tax levy will be excessively burdensome, if it does not become the stepping stone to confiscation. It strikes many as being voidable, if not void in its derogation to the federal constitution, and upon the whole it is simply a rebel political clap trap, made to catch the unwary.
This letter is written to simply assist you in reaching a just conclusion, so that you may without hesitancy place your seal of condemnation thereon and thereby emancipate a people powerless to help themselves.

Published: The Wichita Daily Eagle (Wichita, Kansas), March 27, 1907, p. 2.
Negroes Denounce New State Constitution.
Guthrie March 26 - "The following is a copy of an endless chain letter sent out by prominent Oklahoma negroes. Each negro receiving the letter is asked to send a copy to President Roosevelt:"  [text]  Entered by DWV, Sept. 12, 2014.


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