Advocacy chain letter (postcard).  Anti-smoking petition. Send four copies. US, 1904.

A National League has
been formed against
the cigarette habit. A
Mammouth Petition
is to be sent to Congress
asking that a ban be
passed prohibiting
the sale of cigarettes
to Minors. Will you
Please send to four
of your lady friends
a copy of this card and
enclose this card to the
United States Moral
Society Philadelphia Pa.
   Do not fail or the
chain will be broken
and the object defeated.
   Promt action but
no money required.

Oct. 19, 1904   Delilah Brower.

Handwritten on US postal card (UX18). Postmarked Oct. 21, 1904 in Flora Indiana. Addressed to Miss Maud Delon, Kokomo, Indiana. Sic "Mammouth", "promt". Lines preserved.  Ebay lot provided by Tom & Cindy Stone. Entered by DWV, 10/20/2006.

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