Advocacy chain letter. Boxer Rebellion. Partial text. Original source and language unknown.  China, 1890.
[... in 1890 the Chinese government used the chain letter device to incite the people against Europeans and Americans. A handbill was distributed, reciting the crimes of the "foreign devils." It added:]

   The person who reads this script and quickly distributes six copies, will save a family from distress. He who distributes ten copies will save an entire street from suffering. He who sees this sheet and does not distribute it shall pay with his head.

Published: Traverse City Record-Eagle (Traverse City, Michigan), June 6, 1946, p 4.
" ... a historical scholar who was examining the records of the Russian Foreign Office, which the Bolsheviks gave to the world soon after they came to power ... learned that [above text]. "Out of this incendiary document arose the Boxer insurrection, in which many Europeans, chiefly missionaries, were killed in Peking, and which caused the intervention of Allied troops, including German and American. ¶ Most chain letters do not have consequences so pernicious, but they are nothing to encourage."
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